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132% Organic Traffic Growth for Powerhouse Site

Monthly traffic increase

Links built

Months time span

Domain Rating

78 from 73


Monthly Traffic

995K from 428K


Monthly Traffic

995K from 428K


Links Built

995K from 428K

Time Span

26 months and counting

We are

Their previous company built them a high volume of links, but they were all ‘database’ style links from sites which accept a huge volume of guest posts.

Our task was to land them better links from sites with significantly higher organic traffic metrics & better traffic value, which was going to be necessary to help them rank better for highly competitive keywords in the employee / HR space.

Our Strategy

We focused on a white-hat outreach method, earning tons of links from other brands and SaaS companies which had approachable content marketing teams that we worked with throughout.

We had to really scale outreach to a very high level in order to keep consistently delivering amazing links, which is always one of the biggest challenges with a project like this.

The hardest part was building links into very specific pages on our client’s website, which meant we really had to get creative with our link prospecting in order to find content creators that fit the bill.

Once we got our system up and running, we were able to consistently build a huge volume of amazing links from some super high authority websites.

Our Results

Significantly increased the number of referring domains:

ncreased traffic volume by 132% along with over 172% rise in the number of visible ranking keywords. In addition to this, we got them ranking for some incredibly powerful pages that they wanted to rank for.